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Inspections of defaulting consumers of utility services keep on taking place in the capital of Chechnya

2013-11-11 15:15:00
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It may be 10, 15, and up to 100 thousand rubles. These are the amounts of debts for utility payments of some of the citizens.

In the course of a regular inspection it has been found out that the residents of a high-rise apartment building on Eset Kishieva Street owe more than one million rubles.

Demanding these debts to be paid off and suspending services for these notorious defaulting customers, the members of the commission try to explain that the quality of the utility services depends directly on the payments made. The biggest part of the debts in the capital is in Leniskiy region.

The participants of the inspections work at once in ten sectors, the region is divided into. Officers of the pay office are part of the commission. Some people prefer to pay on site. Those who refuse to pay are suspended from enjoying the services, their property is being arrested and 10 days respite period is given to pay off the debt.

Only within 5 days it has been collected 21 million rubles in Leninskiy region. Until all the investigations are completed the commission expects to bring the amount of debt to the minimal number.

Elina Khalidova