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Vladimir Putin brought in a bill on the extended use of the national anthem and flag to the State Duma

2013-11-11 18:15:00
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The Chairman of the Council of the Islamic scholars draws a parallel between the anthem of Russia and Chechnya.

Both composition have sophisticated and deep meaning.

Hozh-Akhmed-Hadji Kadyrov is the author of the Chechen national anthem remembers very well how the national symbols started to arise. The idea to compose an anthem appeared at a time of legal formation of the region.

In the view of the theologian, it is necessary to give all your soul, love and patriotic feelings into the work of composing an anthem. These are not merely words put into rhyme, but a call for the citizens of the country to remember and honor the history of people and country.

Vladimir Putin, the President of the country introduced a bill on the extended use of the anthem and flag into the State Duma. According to him it will encourage patriotism among the growing generation. The document implies that the flag should always be put on the educational buildings, while the anthem should be performed prior to the first lesson at the beginning of the each year as well as during some solemn events, dedicated to the State holidays.

Once the anthem, emblem and flag of Chechnya had been officially introduced, these symbols were used in various events. Proving once again to the whole world that Chechnya is a legitimate subject of the Russian Federation. Initiated by the Head of the Republic, the broadcast of the local channels is started with the performance of the national anthem of Russia and Chechnya. And this is the way thousands of viewers have a chance to learn by heart the text of the national anthem.

Each and every citizen should know what the emblem, flag and national or local anthem mean. This is the only case he can call himself a patriot, believes the Speaker of the Chechen Parliament.

In the period of the formation of the Chechen Republic, Ahmat Hadji Kadyrov, the first President identified the religious, moral and patriotic education as one of the priorities in his politics.

Tightly linked to it is patriotism. The safety of the country, the protection of its interests directly depends on the work with youth in the area of patriotism.

Elina Dadaeva