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Single standard for collaboration between civil servants and entrepreneurs is being introduced in this country

2013-11-14 18:15:00
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Chechnya is in the list of the top ten developing regions of the country, therefore the number of investors and entrepreneurship growth in Chechnya are gradually boosting.

But there is lack of close collaboration with the authorities to deliver work of a higher quality.

Ordered by the decree of the Russian President, the scheme introducing a standard for cooperation between executive bodies and entrepreneurs should fix the situation.

Mehdy Khylamatov has been engaged in agriculture for the last 20 years, his farm is supplying grain and meat. Just like anywhere one cannot escape problems, Mehdy says. Difficulties range from overstated taxes to mistakes in the documents. Mehdy believes that the introduction of this scheme will make the work much easier.

The introduction of the single standard for entrepreneurs work in only several regions of the country, according to experts, in other regions there are pilot projects available, which need time to be researched. In Chechnya this scheme has been approved instantly. The Ministry of Economic and Territorial Development and Trade has been charged with the implementation of the project. The roadmap for the introduction of the standard for year 2014 is already worked out here.

Particular attention will be paid to the professional training. Due to that, highly qualified professionals are expected to be available in the republic. According to experts the introduction of the standard concerned will speed up the process of business development, and most importantly it will create new jobs in the very different spheres.

Shuddyn Saidov