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Lawyer Murad Musaev gave his comments on the accusations made against him

2013-11-15 17:45:00
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Recently, the news on two criminal cases initiated against lawyer Murad Musaev has been much in the headlines in the media and social networks.

This topic has become one of the most discussed in the social networks. Basically Murad Musaev himself has learned from these very social networks that he is accused of bribing the witnesses and pressure exerted on the jury.

While it all started in June 10, 2011. Yuriy Budanov was shot dead at the Komsomolsiy prospect in Moscow. Yet at the place of crime the head of the Media Interaction Department of the Investigation Committee, major general Vladimir Markin announced in public that according to the information provided by the officers of the criminal investigation department, the killer was a person Slavic in appearance.

The same testimonies were given by two major witnesses of that case: Aleksandr Evtuhov and Ruslan Fataliev told the court that the killer was a person with sporting constitution and with a height lower than that of Temirhanov. But on August 26 it was found out that Yusup Temirhavov was detained on the accusation of murder. And at that time the Caucasian look of the accused affected the course of the case fundamentally. It affected it to the extent that the Investigation Committee did not consider the need to invite two major witnesses to the court hearing. While the public prosecution which should be interested in that in the first hand hindered the attendance of witnesses to the court.

The decision of the judge to dissatisfy the request for interrogation of the major witnesses Evtuhov and Fataliev was bizarre, to put it mildly. Eventually, the defense had to deal with the appearance of the witnesses in the court and ensured it through covering their travel and accommodation expenses for the whole period of the court hearings in Moscow. Now the prosecution classifies it as bribery. Though, even the witnesses themselves refused to admit it earlier.

Strangely enough, the facts that Evtuhov was abducted and his whereabouts was unknown come as a surprise solely to Murad Musaev. From the very outset the major witness argued that the person shooting was one who had Slavic appearance. Temirkhanov hardly looks similar to him. This is proved by Evtuhov himself one more time.

The absurdity of the accusation becomes clearer once we look at some of the case papers … In the beginning of the investigation there were found no fingerprints of Temyrhanov on the scan word quiz left by the killer, two months later, however, after the detention of Temyrhanov, there were found his fingerprints. More than that, several months later, DNA analysis of blood left on the gloves of the killer matched entirely DNA of Temirkhanov, in spite of the fact that in the beginning of the investigation these genetic spots were confirmed to be unacceptable for testing. The miracles of genetics are obviously in place. Independent experts gave their assessment of this ridiculous situation, by the way, not in favor of the prosecution.

Ruslan Fataliev, one of the witnesses admitted that one tried to bribe him with 15thousand rubles. The criminal case was initiated based on his statement. But after that Ruslan sought protection at the “Civic support” organization and lodged statements with law enforcement authorities, claiming that he was abducted and forced to give false testimony. He was talking about this in his interview with journalists of the television company «Rain». In his final words he stated that there was no bribery taking place.

Murad Musaev is also accused of pressure being exerted on the witnesses and jury. His conversation with Evtuhov in the court room was documented by several television cameras. The prosecution interpreted Musaev asking to tell the truth as a threat, this reading was adopted by some federal television channels which interpreted the words of the defense in their own way.

According to investigators, Musaev suggested the jury to refrain from participation in the trial, reports RIA news. This is the second accusation against lawyer. But during the legal trial Musaev was the person who paid attention to the unreasonable rotation of the jury. It is still unknown why they kept on dropping out of this case.

In the interview to television company «Rain» Murad Musaev shared his vision on the issue. It was weird for television viewers to learn that he was not let in the building of the Investigation Committee. Musaev tried to clear up the circumstances of the issue.

The lawyer himself believes that this way the Investigation Committee tries to project a negative image of him to be seen by members of juries of other high-profile cases he is working on. Now Musaev appeals the decision of the court on the case of Temirhanov, sentenced for 15 years in correctional facility.

Musaev is going to turn to colleagues to support him in protecting his rights in order to stay focused on the major issues, which are fundamental in terms of ensuring success of the high-profile cases.

Magomed Ezidov