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Anti-Tobacco Law comes into effect in Russia

2013-11-15 17:45:00
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Smoking is dangerous and harmful to health is a warning by the Ministry of Health and other departments is well known to everyone.

As reported by the Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare, smoking is the most prevalent pernicious habit in Russia.

Around 65 % of men and up to 30 % women are tobacco smokers in Russia. Multiple warnings on the danger of tobacco smoke are accepted by the citizens with no due care.

Today it is far from being something new that smoking leads to a number of severe diseases such as: lung cancer, brains disease, teeth diseases just to mention a few of them. Each and every smoker realizes the danger but still continues to smoke.

Fines for smoking in the places not designated for it and identified as such yet in summer this year, come into effect starting from today. Now smokers in the public places will have to face fines. Now it is banned to smoke at the territories of public institutions, inside railway stations and airports building, long-distance trains and passenger ships. Those smokers violating the law will have to pay fines from 500 rubles. Fines for smoking near children playgrounds and at the territory of hospitals are twice as much as those mentioned earlier.

Shuddyn Saidov