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The reconstruction of the Cossack village of Assynovskaya is gathering pace

2013-11-15 19:45:00
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Local Orthodox Church in the Cossack village of Assinovskaya has been empty for 12 years. It was destroyed by members of insurgent groups in the blast in 2002.

The yard was bushing while the rickety fence could not protect against hooligans making fires inside of it. Viktor Mosin tells us that until now the servants of the church had to go to the city to take part in the festive church services and Sunday services. The reconstruction of the Orthodox Church has become unexpected and happy news for the servants of the church.

Within one month there have been removed more than 30 trucks with construction waste, the windows have been replaced and a new iron fence has been installed. Now it is important to repair the roof. New dome is almost complete and Viktor Mosin started his work on making new cross, which will be placed at the top of the dome.

While through joint efforts of a number of ministries the construction of new houses, nurseries, schools and hospitals is taking place very fast. New socially important buildings are being built as well, with volunteers making their contribution into that work.

The reconstruction of the region is close to being complete. It is planned to present the buildings by the New Year. Several shifts are arranged here to ensure they meet the deadline. The work is going 24 hours per day.

Liza Chabkhanova