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Winners of the annual “Silver Owl” prize were awarded in Grozny

2013-11-18 18:20:00
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About 150 people including doctors, teachers, scientists and public figures have become prize winners in different categories of the “Sliver Owl” Award.

Today our colleagues Zareta Aldamova and Raisa Sadaeva who have been the award winners in other years are among those invited.

This year it has been ten years since the establishment of the “Silver Owl” contest. The idea to commission an intellectual hub belongs to the first President of the Chechen Republic.

Hozh-Ahmed Hadji KAdyrove has already been prize winner in the category of «Spiritual roots». Still today he was not left empty-handed, but Bekhan Hazbulatov handed over to him the first part of the trilogy called «Intellectual hub in faces ». The authors of the book publish the names and biographies of the prominent citizens of the republic.

The jury of the annual “Silver Owl” award is now preparing to draw conclusions and announce results. They will have to identify the best in five major categories, which are as follows: health, art, literature, science, education. Today presents have been granted to those actively assisting the organization of the contest, while main prizes of the intellectual hub will be awarded in December this year.

Ahmed Dgabrailov

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