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Youth expert council «Resorts of the Northern Caucasus» is to create electronic tourist map

2013-11-19 16:20:00
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Participants of the business session «Touristic Start Up» announced the idea to enhance tourist image of the Caucasus to be major one behind the forum.

Informational resources should play an important role in the implementation of this idea.

Every participant shares his/her experience of public relations campaigns to support tourist attractions in the Northern Caucasus Federal Region. Chechnya was presented at the forum by Zaur Tsitsaev the Head of External Affairs Department of the Chechen Radio and Television Company “Grozny”.

Among the ideas shared by the participants of the forum was raised an issue of creating a multimedia project «Open Caucasus». It should provide Internet resources about culture and life of the Caucasian peoples. Detailed information about the attractions of the region should be presented at a separate single Internet site. Video resources are planned to be downloaded into YouTube portal. The youth expert council «Resorts of the Northern Caucasus», which has organized the session, has intentions to build close collaboration with all authorities in charge of tourist affairs in the Northern Caucasus Federal Region.

In every region of the Northern Caucasus particular accounts of the regions will be set up. More than that, all major cultural objects of the Caucasus will be added to key interactive maps in the framework of the project. A number of such attractions in 3D format will be made available at «Google Culture Academy», while users of the Caucasian segment of the Internet will be invited to contribute to «Photo tours Google».

Elina Halidova