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Department on Religious and Public Organizations Relations has carried out a number of activities in Tsentoroy community

2013-11-19 16:40:00
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Visit of the Department on Religious and Public Organizations relations to Tsentoroy community starts with visiting the tomb of the first President of Chechnya, Ahmat Hadji Kadyrov.

Having read a prayer, guests head for the first school where they are greeted with patriotic chants.

Meeting with pupils is arranged in a form of dialog. Growing generation should be aware of the price paid for the current stability in the republic, believes a well-known in the republic theologian Bay Ali Tevsiev. In particular, because these children do have a role model to follow.

Representatives of the regional public club “Iman” have attended the meeting as well. An ad-hoc video about the history of the formation of the Chechen Republic was shown to children. The officers of the Department have also conducted a survey to assess the work of different organizations in the area of moral and religious upbringing of youth and make their own proposals.

Right after the meeting with pupils the guests headed for Hozh Ahmed Hadji Kadyrov, the chairman of Alims Council of the Northern Caucasus Federal Region. Open-armed welcome was accompanied by interesting family stories.

In the course of the conversation Ahmed Hadji Kadyrov ordered Bayali Tevsiev to deal with an interesting religious question raised by a Russian professor in his letter to theologian.

The discussion continued in Tsentoroy School of hafiz named in the honor of Zelimkhan Kadyrov. Having made noon prayer with pupils, Bay Ali Tevsiev told children about the significance of the Holy Scripture.

Alkhazur Kerimov