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Pilgrims having performed the Umrah are back home

2013-11-20 11:11:00
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The building of the airport “Grozny” is packed with people. All of them are waiting for their relatives and members of their families. Any moment a plane with pilgrims onboard is expected to land.

These are citizens of Chechnya having made journey to the Holy Kaaba.

Several days ago thanks to Ramzan Kadyrov 15 people from the republic managed to get inside the greatest holy place of Islam – the Holy Kaaba. This group of people includes: Musa Aydamirov who is one of the most respectful elders from Tsentoroy community, father of Medni Kadyrova, Halid, Abdulkarim, Abubakar Kadyrov are cousins of the Head of the republic, Dgamallulayl Said Hamzat is descendent of the Kuraishit family, Abu Uysuf Idiev is hafiz and teacher, Muslim Mitaev is descendent of religious mentor Bamatgery Hadji, Beckhan Taymaskhanov is authorized representative of the Chechen Republic under the President of the Russian Federation, Shamhan Denylkhanov is the Head of the Road Police of the Interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic, Adam Dgovtohanov is personal assistant to the Head of the Republic, Magomed Kerim Edilgiriev is “Grozny” battalion commander, Hasan Hakimov is Vice prime minister of the Government of the Chechen Republic, Hayrulla Taymaskhanov is the head of the secretariat of the Head of the Republic, Mohmad Akhmadov is the Labor Minister, Ahmad Duguev is officer of the security of the head of the Chechen Republic.

Thousands of Muslims from Chechnya and other regions make pilgrimages to Mecca, Saudi Arabia every year at the cost of the regional public foundation in the name of Ahmat Hadji Kadyrov. It needs to be emphasized that this is not the first time when pilgrims from the Chechen Republic enter the Holy Kaaba. Thanks to Ramzan Kadyrov the number of people let inside the Kaaba is growing from year to year. Visiting the Kaaba has become probably the happiest moment in their lives. This is exactly the holy place thousands of millions of Muslims turn their eyes towards during their time of worship, symbolizing the unity of the whole Ummah.

Ahmed Dgabraylov