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Land-surveying has started in the mountain Chechnya

2013-11-22 12:59:00
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Community end and beginning - exact borders will be in place now in the mountain regions. Ministry of Property relations and Land has started work on land-surveying.

Old-timer of Deshni Vedeno Turko Nashaev tells that the issue of identifying land borders was not so urgent as it is today. One word of an elder was enough and the borders were marked with conventional signs.

Deshni Vedeno has become the first community in the district with identified borders of the rural settlements. Using GPS system (satellite navigation system), experts from the Ministry of Property relations and Land identify the location of land territories. The work is not done with just that, it is not only land that needs to be identified but one need to check it with information in archive.

Along with identifying the borders experts from the Ministry of Property relations and Land register all state objects and empty lands. Once the work is completed there will be created an electronic map with exact borders and a single register, that will significantly facilitate the work of the heads of rural settlements and directors of the state households.

This work has been carried out since the end of 2012. Borders of the communities in six regions of the republic have been already identified.

Ahmed Dgabrailov