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Reconstruction work in Chiry Urt has been inspected by the Head of the republic

2013-11-22 12:49:00
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Ramzan Kadyrov is asking about the way citizens of Chiry Urt community feel since capital repair of houses and supply pipelines has been started.

Things done here during the last few months have not been available to people for the last fifty years.

The Head of the republic goes along one of the central streets with apartment houses. New local mosque is being built nearby. The Head of the republic examines the condition of roads and pavements. He asks a little boy about his mood.

New sports center for youth is being built here as well. Now young people will be able to spend more time focusing on their health and will no longer need to travel far to the district center.

Already outdoors the Head of the republic comments on the exceptional importance of the reconstruction of Chiry Urt for its citizens.

Before leaving the place Ramzan Kadyrov addresses those citizens of the nearby houses gathered outside wishing them good luck.

Today almost 100% of all reconstruction works in Chiry Urt are completed. There are only minor works needed to be done.

Adlan Dudaev