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Ramzan Kadyrov held a meeting on the issues of implementation of the investment project “Grozny Sea”

2013-11-27 09:03:00
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Sea, sand, recreational areas, restaurants. “Grozny Sea” complex is gradually obtaining its shapes. Foundation pit is almost ready.

Water area will occupy the third part of the whole space of the future center.

According to architects’ idea the sea will imply two specific features. One of them will be attractions. Water extravaganza is making noise in the world. Music and lighting fountain designed in line with national drawings. The length of it will constitute 200 meters; the height of water kick will be 40 meters. It will be built similarly to the way Dubai fountain was built. Lighting will make it possible to observe it in any time of the day. As it clearly follows from the model “Grozny Sea” will be fed by a river. It will save about 250 million rubles. Goytinka is already entirely cleaned from the waste. In the nearest future there will be laid a channel from it. And already in November next year the foundation pit will be starting to get filled with water.

Now bank protection and bottoming are taking place at the site of the future sea. Magomed Daudov, the chief of the Administration and Government is charged with supervision of the center building. The name of sports and health tourist complex speaks for itself. Along with other entertainments there will be a training center, restaurant on water and entertainment center.

The scope of the carried out works is colossal. Making of engineering networks is completed; it has been laid around 3, 5 kilometers of bitumen around the complex. It is planned to build switch-yard with 10megawatt capacity. Many institutions involved in the building of the “Grozny Sea” have demonstrated well results, as it is noted by the head of the operating staff – Mohmad Emin Ahmadov. The Head of the republic also highly assessed the work done. However there is still a lot to do.

The project is being entirely implemented through investment funding. A specific feature of the «Grozny Sea» is closed beaches. In accordance with religious requirements and local mentality the areas for swimming are divided into those for women and men. As Ramzan Kadyrov puts it the work is not focused on meeting the deadlines, but on meeting high quality standards. All needed to be done for youth is being done, as it is important to foster a worthy generation.

At the meeting of the operating staff on the building of the sports and health center there have been raised other issues about other objects as well. In particular Ramzan Kadyrov wanted to learn about the way reconstruction works were done in the districts of the republic. According to the Minister of Industry and heads of staffs responsible for reconstruction of Achhoy Martanovskiy district, the reconstruction of the municipality is almost completed.

Works in Chiri Urt are about to be completed as well – reports Mohmad Ahmadov. Water has been supplied to houses; heating problem has been resolved.

The next place to reconstruct will be the thirtieth district of the capital, says Ramzan Kadyrov. Shabby houses will be pulled down in the community; new houses are to be built in short time in this place.

The issue of efficiency of the work done by administrations has been raised as well. Every ministry will be strictly expected to ensure proper compliance with the law and professional qualification of employees from senior management to ordinary officers.

Preliminary results of the performance assessment of institutions will be shortly discussed again. It will be obvious then whose achievements are only seen on paper. Adequate measures will be undertaken in respect of such executives, as the warning has been heard today.

Milana Manaeva