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Chechen state radio and television company «Grozny» became partner of the “Silver Archer – South” award

2013-11-28 18:30:00
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Throughout three years of the existence of the award representatives from almost all regions of the North Caucasus Federal District have participated in the award.

One of the first drafts submitted to the executive directorate of the award was a draft from Pyatygorsk, from the Center of the Contemporary Caucasus Politics, which encompassed all the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District. The authors, Center of the Contemporary Caucasus Politics “Caucasus” nominated the first media forum of the North Caucasus in the category of the “best project in the area of land development and promotion”. The ceremony has become one of the most prominent media events of the year, visited by more than six subjects of the North Caucasus Federal Districts and representatives of more than one hundred media companies.

«The first media forum of the North Caucasus has proved to be the first not only in terms of the name but in terms of its essence: for the first time hundreds of journalists have come together to implement joint projects. The participation of our projects in the «Silver Archer» award is important for the whole region. One can make useful, positive projects and present them to the professional community », - comments Aleksandr Malkevitch, media producer of the first media forum of the North Caucasus.

The republic of Dagestan presented the stuff of anti café “Place” in the framework of the category « the best project in the area of land development and promotion». Video made by the authors of the project from Mahachkala have been seen tens of thousands times on YouTube, news on launching a creative anti café was spread quite quickly in the Internet and was covered in federal television channels.

To engage the citizens of Stavropol region into the regular sports and to improve health of nation - these are the objectives set by the project made by radio and television company «Stavropol». Unique sports television projects, ice show “Big breakthrough” which became extremely popular among the viewers of the region was nominated in the category of the «best project in the area of healthy way of living promotion ». Regional public organization «Healthy Stavropol» nominated an orthodox rehabilitation center which started as a small initiative, and now providing assistance to the population of the whole region.

The project of the company “Caucasus Explorer” is based on the ideas of creating a positive tourist image, demonstration of the beauty of nature and cultural heritage. In 2013 there were arranged journeys to Karachaevo–Cherkessiya, Kabardino-Balkariya, North Ossetia, Chechen Republic, Ingushetiya and Dagestan. These routes became basis for publications in magazines and blogs. The second part of the project is to carry out a number of events dedicated to the Caucasus.

«Silver Archer - South» award aims at strengthening the information field from the whole South of Russia, generalization of the whole professional experience. It is particularly important for us to see our colleagues from the North Caucasus participating with their projects of competitive ideas with high quality of implementation», - comments Yana Alekseeva, executive director of “Silver Archer - South» award.

In 2013 «Silver Archer - South» is carried out in four project categories. Traditionally a number of the best projects from the South according to the view of the executive directorate will automatically become participants of the «Silver Archer» national award.

The projects shortlisted for the fourth “Silver Archer” award and the award ceremony will take place in January 2014 in the framework of Communication forum of Russia.

Press service of the Chechen State Radio and Television Company "Grozny"