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«Prometheus2013» awarded its winners

2013-12-03 17:25:00
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Global net has enveloped the whole world. According to statistics, 90 percent of people are Internet users. Even public institutions work within the net.

According to experts, if the Internet fails to get connected for two hours the largest part of the world will get into a panic.

Now it is not only useful but beneficial to be an active Internet user. There are a lot of contests carried out, and one of them is «Prometheus» Internet award. Journalists, public figures and ordinary Internet users participate in this contest. The third award ceremony has taken place in Pyatygorsk.

Prometheus is the only contest among sites and blogs of the North Caucasus. This is a prototype of Runet award. The main objective is to draw attention of different organizations to the development of the Internet and the use of it as an effective tool for work, rest, creativity and social and economic reforms. Annually, hundreds of media representatives, sites of public authorities, blogs and micro blogs participate in the award. The main guest and the chairman of the jury is Maksim Shevchenko.

Fifty projects ranging from female blogs to web resources of public institutions have participated in twenty categories of the award. The biggest number of awards has been given to the Internet communities of Chechnya. The Head of the Chechen Republic, who is writing in his own blog and has its account on Instagram, has been called the most involved politician and Internet user of Russia. The sites of the fighting club «Berkut», football club «Terek», and radio and television company «Grozny» follow the list of the winners.

Next year the organizers plan to add new categories to the award as the space of the Internet is keep on developing day by day.

Shuddin Saidov