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M.Khuchiev reported to R.Kadyrov on the progress of the reconstruction work in Sunzhenskiy district

2013-12-03 18:00:00
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Reconstruction works in Sunzhenskiy district are close to be completed.

There have been replaced more than 70 percent of roofs and gates, laid around 15 thousand meters of bitumen, water supply and lighting arrangements are about to be completed in the housing estate in Sunzhenskiy district.

Already in the middle of December a new nursery will be opened there. The work at the first sector has been confirmed to be acceptable by the Head of the republic. However, there are still defects need to be eliminated in the nearest future.

To eradicate unemployment totally in the district – is the objective set by the Head of the republic to Muslim Khuchiev. To meet this objective trade centers are being built in the district, however, the major source of new jobs for citizens of Sunzhenskiy district should become « Sernovodsk Caucasian Resort ». In the Soviet time the resort could accommodate up to one thousand two hundred people. Starting from New Year the resort will be available to up to 313 people at once. Tourist recreational area is being expanded in the region, it will be increased up to 400 hectares, and an issue of laying a railway line to the district is under consideration now.

Another issue discussed during the meeting is the work of the Economical, Territorial Development and Trade Ministry. Taking into consideration the experience of Turkey and Tatarstan the department of Muslim Khuchiev is going to embark on drafting a bill on industrial parks; greater emphasis should be placed on development of clustered politics.

Currently, work on setting up a network of multifunctional centers for providing public and municipal services is being rabidly developing. In the framework of the order given by Dmitriy Medvedev, 90 percent of population should get access to the services of the single service window by year 2015. The decree of the President of the country is being successfully implemented in our region, reported Muslim Khuchiev. Social and economic indicators in the republic have increased. For the last nine months of the year they amount to 35 billion rubles and 50 billion rubles for the whole period of year 2012. These figures make successful Turkey stun. The amount of our own commodities brought to the market grew by 17.4 percent. 13 years ago this figure was at the zero point. One could reach new indicators through the work on detecting unregistered entrepreneurs and implementation of the investment projects.

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