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Charitable foundation named after А-Kh.Kadyrov has provided financial support to Bimurzaevy’s family

2013-12-05 10:00:00
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Surrounded by her younger sisters Khava is learning alphabet. Aysha explains every picture to her sister. Khava Bimurzaeva is a child with cerebral palsy.

This girl has been wheelchair-bound for the last eight years.

After a class in Russian there are classes in drawing and modeling with plasticine. Creative activities are those Khava enjoys most of all.

Children with cerebral palsy are very sensitive. They need constant care and a lot of interest in them. Little Khava is surrounded by care and love of her relatives. However the family lacks money for expensive medicine and regular treatment.

Until now the head of the family Nazhmudi Bimurzaev has been dealing with all the issues by himself. Three years ago, he was given two diagnoses at once. This young man should refrain from any physical load. He even had to quit his work as trucker. Thanks to the public charitable foundation named after A.-Kh.Kadyrov the needed treatment will be provided not only to the child but to Nazhmudi as well.

Now the relatives of the Bimurzaevy’s family hope that the treatment will make little Khava walk and Nazhmudi get back to work.

Elina Dadaeva