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Issues on providing utilities to population have been discussed by the Head of the republic and mayor of Grozny

2013-12-07 11:10:00
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First winter cold was met by citizens of high-rise buildings in warm and cozy conditions – reports the mayor of Grozny.

Ad-hoc commissions have checked nearly every apartment to ensure such public services as gas, water and electricity are in place, and have analyzed whether utility companies are ready for the heating season.

The mayor has also talked about a problem with heating in some apartments. According to him, citizens themselves have broken the technology of the heating system, and that caused unjust supply of heat.

During these checks it has also been found that citizens of 65 houses in the capital experience difficulties with poor water supply. Due to low water pressure, water gets only to the second floor of buildings.

Positive changes that have occurred this year have also been discussed at the meeting. According to Islam Kadyrov it has been repaired 30 km of roads, allocated 220 apartments, not including private houses at the 12th district and new houses provided to citizens of landslide area in Nadterechny district. Next year budget has also been drafted and it is planned to construct and repair public institutions.

In its turn, the Head of the republic ordered to continue checking houses and social buildings, putting more emphasis on medical institutions. The mayor of Grozny should have reliable information not only about problems in hospitals but about complaints made by citizens.

Ii is needed to make people turn to relevant authorities so that people do not make complaints directly to the Head of the republic once they face any minor difficulty. People should be informed and kept updated on telephone numbers through television and radio.

Yasmina Gatsaeva