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Air companies «Grozny Avia» and «АrА» have signed an agreement on partnership

2013-12-06 12:10:00
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Yesterday guests from Saudi Arabia familiarized themselves with the capacity of the Chechen airport. Today representatives of the “Ara” air company discuss issues of further cooperation with Chechen colleagues.

Upon the completion of all negotiations, parties plan to sign an agreement in the framework of which the airport of the capital should be turned into an international transit center.

Having discussed all issues and considered all proposals, the representatives of the «Ara» air company wished to learn about technical conditions of the airport in person.

But before that the guests have made presents to all the participants of the meeting for the fruitful cooperation, namely, to Khasan Khakimov, Deputy Chairman of the Government, Ramzan Cherhigov, Minister of Transport and Telecommunication and Abubakar Edilgiriev, Chairman of the Parliament.

Grozny airport started operating in 1938. At that time first postal transportations and sanitary flights took place. 39 years later a new airport complex started to operate. Currently airport Grozny carries out regular flights to Moscow. The number of charter flights is constantly rising. Once the agreement is signed the Chechen airport is to obtain new opportunities.

The Head of the republic arrived to the meeting with the members of the delegation from Saudi Arabia. He talked to Saad Al-Asiri, the Chairman of the executive board of “Ara” air company and Favas bin Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Halif. According to Ramzan Kadyrov, the leadership of the region is entirely ready for the implementation of the project on upgrading the airport.

Airport «Grozny», used to called “northern” has once been considered to be the best one in the Northern Caucasus. However, even now it is highly competitive and is second to none, notes Kadyrov. However the authorities plan to create more comfortable conditions for population, namely to lower ticket fees, update airplanes, and most importantly to boost safety of flights.

In the framework of the agreement, Chechen pilots will be able to improve their professional skills abroad, while experts from the “Ara” air company will visit the republic to share their experience with their colleagues from Chechnya. More than that it is planned to launch additional flights from Grozny to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrein and Indonesia. The Chechen airport will be equipped with the state-of-the-art aeronautic system. And already in the evening in the residency of the Head of the republic the ceremony of signing the agreement took place. The agreement was signed by the Deputy Director-General of the «Grozny Avia» company – Zelimhan Veterhanov and representative of the «Ara» company Saad al-Asiri. The trip of the Head of the republic to the Middle East has resulted in this business partnership.

Thanks to the current agreements, passengers from Chechnya and guests of the republic will be able to enjoy new and reliable airplanes. It is particularly important that the tickets will be 20% cheaper. As a gesture of friendship Arab guests presented Ramzan Kadyrov with a souvenir sword.

Elina Dadaeva