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Kadyrov R. delivered a speech at the strategic meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic

2013-12-09 11:25:00
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Ramzan Kadyrov kicked off the meeting with security agencies by sharing his impressions of the conference.

As it was noted by the Head of the republic, during the theatre production many of those attendees did not understand the essence of the novel about a young man, who became drug addicted. Instead of thinking deeply about the situation, people just laugh at the dangerous vice of the society – says Ramzan Kadyrov.

All executives of the security agencies and bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been gathered together here. Ramzan Kadyrov addressed this audience and ordered to strengthen the work, including work with the society.

The issue of war in Syria has been raised here as well. Ramzan Kadyrov argues that the bloody conflict is merely fight for power. Due to lack of education and intelligence, many people succumb to provocations. In order to prevent it one need to be proactive.

It needs to put end to this extremist movement. Any information should be dealt with appropriately.

There are about 17 000 policemen in the Chechen Republic, if each and every officer goes beyond merely serving the service but embarks on working with one’s relatives and friends, security agencies will be able to achieve good results in the short term, believes Kadyrov.

Getting back to the issue of drugs the Head of the republic has noted that it has been documented a significant number of employees of the Interior who are drug addicted. To set an example to others one needs to start with oneself, underscored Ramzan Kadyrov.

The Head of the republic has touched upon the look of policemen. Ramzan Kadyrov reminds that in their free time they should engage in enhancing their level of education and physical conditions. Command officers need to have sessions with their subordinates. During their non working time law-enforcement officers should wear civil outfits. Appearance of people in camouflage uniforms wearing weapons frightens public and spoils the image of the safest region.

At the strategic meeting it has also been discussed those safety measures needed to be undertaken during coming holidays and Olympic Torch relay. During that time law-enforcement officers will be transferred into intensive mode of work.

Ahmed Djabrailov