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National heroes accept congratulations

2013-12-10 09:53:00
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Achievements of the Chechen defenders of the Motherland as well as successes of ordinary people have been reached due to one major feat.

The first President of Chechnya, the hero of Russia, Ahmat Hadji Kadyrov challenged international terrorism and led the region of the burning flame.

He managed to unite all the peoples of the republic around a single aim – to put end to the meaningless war and to engage in social cohesion.

It is hard to overstate the contribution of the Chechen defenders into the peace building process in the North Caucasus. But one of them will be remembered in history as a creator. Major-General of police, hero of Russia, the Head of the Chechen Republic, servant of the Holy Koran and highly respected individual – Ramzan Kadyrov continued the path of his farther and made the impossible possible for Chechnya. On his way endorsed by the religion and country’s legislation, he has lost his relatives, family members and friends. Ramzan Kadyrov is doing his best to achieve his major aim – to achieve wellbeing of people.

The Head of the Administration of the Head and Government Magomed Daudov is a team mate of Ramzan Kadyrov. He is currently engaged in the work in different spheres of the republic, ensuring all orders of the Head of the republic are implemented. But in the beginning of the year 2000 he was far from thinking about being based in a cozy office. He was managing special operations in the most dangerous locations. He fought against insurgents in the hard to reach corners of the Argun canon. For his services he was twice awarded with the order of courage and he is knight of Kadyrov’s medal and is holder of the highest reward – Hero of Russia. He was awarded with the golden star due to multiple successful special operations on eradicating the most violent and odious gangs, among them are organizers of a terrorist act at “Dinamo” stadium on May 9, 2004, when the first President of the Chechen Republic, Ahmat Hadji Kadyrov was killed.

Vahit Usmaev has always been with his comrades in the most difficult times. The commander of a regiment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs named after the hero of Russia Ahmat Hadji Kadyrov together with his fighters have eliminated more than 500 gangsters and have managed several thousands of special operations. His call letter «Jihad» terrifies enemies of the nation. He is well known far beyond the Caucasus and even Russia. Vahit has become hated by Wahhabits for the colossal loss caused to the insurgency gang in the North Caucasus. Today Usmaev continues his work on capturing members of insurgency groups in the mountain and hard to reach locations.

Heroes of Russia are those who take part in the process of recovery of the Republic and who defend the peaceful sky upon us. Alibek Delimkhanov is a commander of the 141-st regiment of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia which is one of the most high profile security agencies in Russia. Under his leadership there have been killed more than100 insurgents and tens of weapons’ caches have been destroyed. They serve to ensure safety and rule of law both in urban and rural areas and in mountains. Currently when the situation in the region has become one of the most stable one there is time to take away military outfits and participate in the process of upbringing young generation. The hero of Russia, Alibek Delimkhanov, holds discussions with students.

There were many who paid with their lives for the stability brought to the region. The distinguished ones were awarded high titles of the hero of Russia posthumously. There are twelve of them totally. And the feat of each of them will be cherished in the memory of people.

Magomed Ezidov