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Young entrepreneurs have presented their business projects

2013-12-10 11:20:00
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Maksim Khashagov is a postgraduate student of the fifth year. In the growing capital he considers his project to be one of the most promising. Services of high-rise cleaning are being provided by foreign companies only.

Khashagov was the first who has proposed to set up a domestic company providing high-rise cleaning services.

Every attendant here is a young entrepreneur in the beginning of his/her career has gone through specific training during a year. Today best projects are being selected by experts in the area of business.

From close to five hundred applications forty best works have been selected. The authors of these works will soon become entrepreneurs-beginners. However, they are already aware of the way a new business should be set up and managed.

Those who failed this first sifting today should not be feeling broken down, the young entrepreneurs support program is a long term project and it will be held annually.

Fatima Magamsharipova