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The number of Russians converting into Islam is steadily growing

2013-12-11 09:41:00
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Though, Takhir is not a theologian, he can talk about world religions quite long.

In his attempts to understand the Creator he travelled through different countries and had engaged in conversations with Buddhist hermits and orthodox priests.

Initially he did not consider Islam to be the right option for him. One day, or to put it more correctly one morning everything changed.

He changed the name the same day. This is the way Alexey has become Takhir, which means “pure” in Arabic. One year later this young man left for Egypt to get Islamic education. The way he thinks about the world has changed as well as the way he looks. He returned home with a wife of Arabic origin. In his hometown he set up a Halal store. But by that time it was hard to get along well with his former friends.

Takhir has got many friends in Grozny. Zelim is one of them. They have known each other for many years. There was time when Takhir helped Chechen guys to find jobs in Moscow. Today Zelim assists his friend in exploring Islam.

Recently Takhir has been thinking a lot about moving to Grozny with his family. He says that in Stavropol law-enforcement officers pay too much attention to him as a Muslim. They are naturally interested in things not tied to religion.

Dadaeva Elina