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Human rights defenders of the republic met new leadership of the Supreme Court

2013-12-14 17:20:00
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This is the first official meeting between human rights defenders and the new leadership of the Supreme Court.

The discussion covered not only issue of defending human rights of ordinary people but of offenders sentenced to prisons.

The later ones often complain that they are often denied conditional early relief. The statistics shows the smallest percent of conditional early relief in the Chechen Republic. While the number of cells in the republican prisons is limited and citizens of Chechnya serving their sentence in the distant regions can’t be transported into prisons located closer to their homes.

Human rights defenders ask the chairman of the Supreme Court of Chechnya to pay attention to the fact that judges are too strict with considering appeals of convicts. Guests also raise controversial issues on apartments, which are also considered by courts. Problems arise when one decide to evict people with providing no alternative accommodation. Not a rare case is when a person legally buys an apartment and later another owner appears. Human rights defenders ask to pay particular attention to a claim of Ashulaevy family from Vedenskiy district. The court decided to evict a large family from their own house. While part of this house has been sold without any agreement of devisees. In the Ombudsmen’s office they ask to reconsider this case and to take into account minor children.

Another important topic of the meeting has become an issue of collecting compensations for moral and financial damage, caused during war campaigns. According to President Decree of 2001 those citizens who suffered are eligible to be given two thousand rubles while families with killed members are eligible to be granted twenty thousands. As representatives of the Ombudsman note these sums of money are not compensations of moral damage, but it is a single financial assistance. Human right defenders complain that courts of Chechnya quite often make different decisions and there have been cases when minor sums of money have been decided to be compensations for moral damage.

Following this theme human rights defenders underscore that those who suffered under war campaigns are eligible to get compensation. Currently more than four thousand of criminal cases on killings and abductions during war actions have been suspended. Human rights defenders give tens of examples when people are denied compensations for moral damage even when there is plenty of evidence of federal forces fault. The meeting in the Supreme Court with the participation of rights defenders has not turned into controversy – the Chairman of the Supreme Court supported representatives of the Ombudsman and Nurdi Nukhazhiev himself.

Zaindi Soslanbekov