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Ramzan Kadyrov listened to medical treatment facilities’ performance evaluation report

2013-12-18 09:50:00
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Several head physicians have been relieved of their positions - these are preliminary results of a large-scale inspection of medical treatment facilities of the region

The work of the ad-hoc commission has been discussed today at the meeting of the Head of the Republic with the Minister of Health and State Prosecutor. The Prosecutor has submitted his statement to the Ministry of Health. The statement reflects those violations documented in hospitals of the cities and regions of the republic.

Professionals of the ad-hoc commission investigate the most problematic aspects of the medical treatment facilities. For instance, there are lists with free medicine available as well as lists with telephone numbers of the head physicians and representatives of the territorial foundation of the obligatory medical insurance. This is a requirement of the law. According to Musa Akhmadov, medical facilities have started to use new state-of-the-art equipment.

It is hard to overstate the work of a doctor. People’s lives and health are at stake. Therefore responsibility for poor work should be adequate – believes Ramzan Kadyrov.

There are separate claims with regard to the newest equipment in hospitals being merely stored and not used. Everything needs to be done for efficient diagnosis and treatment of patients has been done in the republic. In the nearest future one can expect this expensive medical equipment to be fully utilized.

Seizing the opportunity the Head of the republic congratulated Sharpouddy Abdul Kadyrova, the Prosecutor, on promoting into a new rank. Acknowledgment of this sort is important for the whole republic.

Ramzan Kadyrov gave time until the end of the year to fundamentally enhance the situation in the area of health. Medical professionals should take more responsibilities for their professional duties. The Head of Chechnya has reminded once again that seven head physicians and fifty ordinary employees have lost their jobs due to the neglect of duties.

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