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14 industrial companies have been launched in the Chechen Republic in 2013

2013-12-18 14:15:00
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Last several years have become truly remarkable in terms of economy of the Chechen Republic. The region is reclaiming the status as an industrial center of the North Caucasus. Statistics proves it to be true as well.

Having improved investment climate one managed to attract funds into industry. One of the priority tasks is to modernize regional energy system. It is no longer capable of meeting needs of the boosting economy. Ramzan Kadurov urges the Minister to use only the newest, state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies. It has been created 300 jobs only this year. The region plans to start producing commodities of the new generation.

Only in this year there has been signed a number of agreements with representatives of business and state corporations of Russia and other countries. Galas Taymaskhanov has emphasized the importance of the meeting with Aleksey Miller and senior management of “Gasprom”.

In the future, the republic plans to go beyond merely producing its own energy, but to safe it and to use less through the use of knowledge-intensive technologies. Currently the republic consumes about 400 megawatt. The construction of two mini hydro electric power stations has already been started in Kakadoy community on the river Sunzha.

The republic has got all opportunities for rapid economic growth. All that is needed is close collaboration between all agencies, believes the Head of the Republic.

In the end of the meeting Ramzan Kadyrov and Galas Taymaskhanov have discussed the agenda of the Ministry of Industry for the next year. The agenda includes additional steps in the area of investment politics, adoption of the state-of-the-art technologies and lower unemployment through engagement of people into industry. The Head of the Republic has promised to lend full support.

Salamova Zura