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R.Kadyrov answered questions of journalists in the informational agency Itar-Tass

2013-12-20 12:10:00
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The issues of economics, social sphere, culture and crime have been raised in the meeting between R.Kadyrov and media representatives.

Ramzan Kadyrov noted that the issue of unemployment is being successfully tackled in Chechnya.

Speaking about religious and cultural education of youth, Ramzan Kadyrov said that carried out program of religious and moral upbringing resulted in the significantly decreased level of crime.

Answering a question of journalists on terrorism the Head of the republic claimed that there was no single organizational gang.

Press-conference with the leaders of south republics could not escape discussion of behavior of youth from Caucasus in other regions of the country. According to Kadyrov the work with youth is being carried out regularly. There is no single incidence being left without notice. The Head of the republic reminded that there are no conflicts on national and religious grounds in the North Caucasus Federal Region.

Ramzan Kadyrov commented on rumors about a ban to sell alcohol, which is allegedly being introduced at the territory of Chechnya. We follow the Russian Law and adhere to it more strictly, underscored Kadyrov.

Several times during the press-conference journalists brought up questions, raised at a panel session of the Parliament Commission on social and economic development of the North Caucasus Federal District. In particular the issue of gas debts has been covered thoroughly. The Head of Chechnya argues that a claim of 50 billion rubles debt is groundless.

During the press-conference Ramzan Kadyrov has constantly been in touch with emergence services of Chechnya. He controlled the process of liquidation of fire at the central market of Grozny.

Answering the question about the future of Grozny football club «Terek», R.Kadyrov said that football club did not have any financial difficulties.

The Head of the Republic expressed his feelings about unethical behavior of Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, the leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia.

In his interview to journalists, Ramzan Kadyrov provided a short account of the most important features of the session with the Chairman of the Government of the country.

Recently the Chechen Republic has achieved good results in the area of economic development and social sphere. There are certain positive aspects in each and every area, whether it is agriculture, industry or housing for those needy.

Together with other heads of regions Ramzan Kadyrov visited working premises of the informational agency ITAR-TASS. He congratulated all journalists on the upcoming New Year and thanked for their objective description of events taking place in the country.

Magomed Ezidov