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Regional charitable public foundation named after Ahmad Hadji Kadyrov has provided assistance for the treatment of a sick boy

2013-12-24 11:50:00
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Three months Turpal-Ali was diagnosed with inner dropsy of brain. Liquid is being collected in the child’s brains, which causes disruption of physical and mental development.

Having learned about the disease, the parents have turned to a medical clinic in Tumen , where the child has been thoroughly examined and all needed medical help been provided. However there is no chance to escape surgery.

The family did not have enough funds to pay for the expensive surgery. All funds available were spent for the expensive medical examination outside the region. To get the financial support the family of Hizriev has turned to the regional public foundation named after Ahmat Hadji Kadyrov. The foundation responded to their inquiry immediately and allocated funds for the acute surgery.

After the surgery the child will need to be under thorough medical care within two years. Doctors say that little Turpal-Ali from Meskety has got good chances to fully recover.

Shuddin Saidov