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Дата публикации: 2013-12-24 10:50:00

46 Chechen children have left for Kremlin New Year’s tree

Bags are packed, poems are learned. One just need to wait for the train to depart, the train which will take these children to the major New Year’s tree of the country, in Kremlin.

Among those selected children are the most active and with best grades from the whole schools of the republic.

Madina Gulukova is going to Moscow for the first time, but says that she has already fallen in love with the capital. Circus, skating-rink and fairy performance near the major New Yea’s tree of the country – they will have to do a lot of things within these two days. Their mothers and grandmothers are seeing them off at the platform. They share the joy of their children, though they are a little bit nervous about their children’s journey.

Passengers gather at the platform, boarding has been announced. A number of formal procedures and countdown to the fabulous event has been set.

Elisaveta Chabhanova

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