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«Accessible Grozny» ensures new opportunities

2013-12-25 10:30:00
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The major problem of the local administration this year has been to restore water supply in 65 apartment houses.

One managed to tackle this issue within a very short time, reports the major of Grozny, Islam Kadyrov. Other important issues in the area of municipal utilities have been addressed as well. As the major reported the city is ready for the upcoming celebration of the New Year.

New Year is a festival awaited by all people, both children and adults. The celebrations should be hold at the highest level, underscores the Head of the Republic. To achieve it all authorities should work together.

To ensure the successful celebration all municipal services should work without interruption and particular attention should be given to sanitary in the streets of the city. Festive atmosphere should be at every street of Grozny, noted the Head of the Republic.

It took a lot of efforts and funds to recover Grozny and now it impresses the guests of the capital. Current leadership of the city is responsible for maintaining these achieved results.

Now there has been set a new objective. Economic development needs to be in place, bearing in mind that federal budget is no longer capable of funding regions in the extent it used to do it. To address it there are many investment projects being implemented in the area of tourism, industry and services.

The first step to ensure effective management of the city has been already done. A new internet project “Accessible Grozny” has been operating since last week. Citizens of the city can apply for any municipal service that needs to be provided for them. It could be done at a specific Internet site or through telephone. The whole process of submitting an application, starting from making it to receiving documents confirming the work done, is described in details at the site. The information is available to any Internet user online. This system has already been operating in Kazan and Astrahan.

The Head of the Republic paid a visit to the office of the single supervisory service of the administration of Grozny. This will be the place where all concerns of the citizens of Grozny will be coordinated. In Kazan this kind of center processes about three hundred applications in a year. As of today there have been accepted about two hundred applications.

The effectiveness of the new system has been evaluated by Ramzan Kadyrov in person. «Accessible Grozny» - is an internet project which is expected to produce excellent results. The effectiveness of the program has been already proved in Kazan and Astrahan.

Ezidov Magomed