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Delegation of the Russian Ministry of Health has arrived in the Chechen Republic

2013-12-25 15:00:00
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An official ceremony of opening a perinatal center has not yet taken place, however policlinic, in-patient department and gynecology department are already operating.

Maternity department, designed for 200 beds is being built here as well. This new medical facility has become the first place to visit by representatives of Federal Health Ministry headed by Deputy Minister of Health Tatyana Yakovleva.

Together with Chechen colleagues guests inspected the course of the ongoing works. Right after that they headed to the Republican hospital. The main part of work is already finished here. The Minister of Health tells about the number of departments and professionals working here. All needed equipment is in place. According to Musa Akhmadov due to incomplete construction it cannot work fully. The department of reanimation and surgery block are of great importance in the medical treatment facility.

Medical professionals have discussed the major issue of child mortality in the republican clinical center of mother and children health named after Aymani Kadyrova. This year child mortality has significantly dropped says a doctor. These results were achieved through implementation of a comprehensive program aimed to decrease child and mothers mortality. However, it is not enough says Deputy Health Minister. Regular professional trainings, exchange of experience with regional colleagues, implementation of regional programs should be ensured as well. In the view of Tatyana Yakovleva these measures will facilitate upgraded level of medical services provided.

Representatives of the Federal Ministry of Health have also visited the Republican clinical hospital. They wished to learn about material and technical basis of the facility. In the first hand they inspected reanimation cars, and then reanimation room itself and wards. As one of the doctors tells they try to escape taking children outside the region, as transportation can negatively impact the health of seriously sick children. Moscow doctors came up with a number of proposals on the way work in these medical facilities can be improved.

Results of the visit of the delegation from Moscow have been discussed at the meeting in the relevant authority. The participants of the meeting have noted that today’s visit of Moscow professionals have proved to be fruitful. One managed to identify a range of concrete problems which need to be addressed.

Elina Dadaeva