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Ramzan Kadyrov allocated new housing to more than seventy orphans

2013-12-27 23:50:00
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Today the Head of the Republic has met young people to congratulate them and hand over documents for new housing.

Housing has been allocated in the framework of the federal program that implies 30 percent federal budget funds and 70 percent local budget funds.

Ramzan Kadyrov stresses that the assistance will be provided further on. Still young people should appreciate things they have been granted and should be of help to their homeland. All that it takes is to be patriot and be able to distinguish between truth and lying.

After that Ramzan Kadyrov in person handed over keys from new apartments to orphans. Apartments have already been distributed and now just wait for their owners to arrive.

Young people did not hide their emotions, saying that it was the happiest day in their lives. They expressed their thankfulness to Ramzan Kadyrov for being attentive for their needs.

The Chechen Republic is among leaders in the area of providing housing to orphans. This year 205 people have been provided with housing. Ramzan Kadyrov congratulated them with housewarming and upcoming New Year and wished them all the best in their lives.

Yasmina Gatsaeva