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Foreign policy of the Chechen Republic: results of year 2013

2013-12-28 16:00:00
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The most important result of business trips of the Head of Chechnya to the Middle East is strengthened friendship ties in the areas of economy and culture with Islamic states.

In these relations Ramzan Kadyrov has occupied a position of a connecting link between our country and the Muslim world. Experts underscore that Ramzan Kadyrov managed to find a way to successfully collaborate with the Middle East.

One can call a breakthrough those agreements made with large scale investment foundations of Gulf countries. One of the priority tasks of the region’s leadership in the outgoing year was to attract investments into the area of economy. Business negotiations with the leadership of Arab countries and in particular with United Arab Emirates, and with its business elite facilitated a number of agreements made. Businesses of the Middle East countries are ready to invest into development of the Chechen Republic. In the first hand, the personality of Ramzan Kadyrov proved to be decisive in this issue, not so much the facilitating conditions for investments.

It did not take long to wait for first results of the investment politics. Air Company from the Saudi Arabia and Grozny air company «Grozny Avia» signed an agreement on collaboration. Updated Air Park, new opened routes and upgraded services are part of the new reality. Coming years are expected to be cardinal for Grozny air center. However, this is just the beginning of great changes. Investment package that includes 54 projects is being implemented in the republic. 32 of them are in the area of industry and energy, 15 projects are in the area of agriculture and 7 projects are in the area of services. Total amount of funds for their implementation accounts for more than 170 billion rubles.

With regard to internal reforms, there were plenty of them this year. In the first hand it was reorganization of several departments and setting up a single ministry, headed by Muslim Huchiev. It incorporated the Ministry of Economy, Press and Interaction with civil society, inspired by a meeting with proactive subscribers of Instagram. It was the second department working directly with population of Chechnya on a daily basis, receiving and processing hundreds of inquiries from both citizens of Chechnya and beyond. Several months later the Ministry of Press was separated again and it was headed by Shaid Zhamaldaev, while department on civil society’s inquiries was transferred into the Administration of the Head and Parliament.

In February 2013 Ramzan Kadyrov announced his new Instagram account. Within several weeks he became the star of the Runet, and a week later his account turned into electronic reception of the Head of the Republic. Many political events in the region were tied to the registration in the social network. Repeatedly he met those proactive subscribers and resolved both personal and public issues. He carried out personnel changes in many departments, set up new structures in governing institutions, working to improve people living standards.

Within the year Ramzan Kadyrov remained at the top position among the most open heads of the region. Social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and LiveJournal considered by Kadyrov as an important channel for direct communication with population. He writes blogs, reads comments and replies in person. In November this year the Head of Chechnya was at the top of the rating of the most popular governors-bloggers. According to researchers Kadyrov remained to be the author of the most cited blog among the leaders of Russian regions. The status of the most cited governor-blogger is being applied to the Head of the Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, for the tenth time in a row. He is ahead of his nearest rival nearly two times.

Yasmina Gatsaeva