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21:00 «НОВОСТИ 7»
22:09 «Концерт»
  • 05:04 ФАДЖР
  • 12:30 ЗУХIР
  • 14:57 IАСР
  • 17:07 МАГIРИБ
  • 18:36 IИШАЪ


New Year’s celebration in Grozny

2014-01-01 23:20:00
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Various gigs, contests, games and performances were part of the celebration on the New Year’s Eve. Good mood of citizens was secured by the municipal Department of Culture.

The celebration of the arriving new 2014 year was featured by both local citizens and guests from neighboring cities came together to celebrate it. Today there are only congratulatory speeches being heard. Even the smallest children just as adults celebrate it dancing and having fun, no matter weather conditions.

The main symbol of the festival impresses each and every one. The height of the New Year’s tree is more than fifty meters. It is embellished with colorful garlands. There are ad-hoc bungalows for those freezing to drink some tea and get warmed. For children there have been arranged playing grounds to play merry-go-round. The event was ended with a festive firework. The sky above Grozny was illuminated with solemn firework.

Shuddy Saidov