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Sporting achievements of the Chechen Republic in year 2013

2013-12-30 16:20:00
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The year of 2013could be called a successful one for sporting live of the republic. Comprehensive support on the part of the leadership and single-minded dedication of our athletes ensure greater results year by year.

Kiokushinkay International Federation Cup «Ichigeki», sporting event that took place in the middle of this year has been probably remembered by each and every fan of Oriental combat games. Lechi Kurbanov, Chechen legend in the world of sport carried out his last straight fight against Yan Nortye, a South African «Giant» two meters and eleven centimeters height and 154 kilograms weight. Lechi Kurbanov won with flying colors in one of the most striking events of the year making all Chechen fans happy. «Ichigeki» Cup remained in Grozny.

Apty Ayhadov weight-lifter has made many sports lovers excited about his victories. After his silver medal at Olympic Games won at the age of 19 year old it became crystal clear that a new star was approaching the highest athletic stage. In 2013 it was proved to be true once again. Confident victory at Universiade in Kazan and several months later there was victory at the World Championship. In Poland young athlete Apty won leaving no chances to Adrian Zelinskiy, his main rival from former Olympics. The only unconquered height for 21-year old Apty is gold medal at Olympic Games. Rio de Janeiro is waiting ahead.

In 2013 a great event in the world of sport took place – The Second World Combat Games in Saint Petersburg. The national team of Russia included two representatives from Chechnya: Khasan Khaliev, kickboxing sportsman, who won championship with flying colors in low kick sector in the category of less than 75 kilograms weight and Islam Edisultanov, a boxer who defeated a titled Azeri in the final and took first place. Two Chechen fighters gained two gold medals.

Sportsmen from other types of single combat games performed well in this year. For instance, four Chechen sportsmen were included in the National Judo team of Russia. Yakub Shamilov took third place at Universiade in Kazan and at the Championship of Europe. At the World Wrestling Championship our sportsmen were also featured as prizewinners: Olympic champion Islambek Albiev took silver medal and Anzor Boltukaev took bronze medal. While Beckhan Goygereev is a Chechen sportsman, performing for Dagestan who have become World champion in the category of less than 60 kilograms.

Performance of Grozny «Terek» proved to be less successful though. However, it did not influence the number of football fans. From the first tournament of July 15, against «Rostov» “Terek” team has been supported by thousands of fans, however, the team lacks concentration and good luck. Cadre changes took place when after the fourteenth tournament Uriy Krasnozhan was made to leave his position as team coach. The club was put in hands of a Russian football professional Rashid Rahimov. It did not take long for changes in the play to occur. “Terek” drew two last games with Russian football grand «Zenit», and won in the game with «Tomi» with scores 2:0 and escaped the dangerous zone of those who have to leave the group. Much better is the situation in Russian football Cup. Fans hope that the coach will meet their expectations and they will see “Terek” in Euro Cup.

Worth noting is another significant sporting event of the year – the final of the last year Russian Cup, that took place at the main stadium of the republic – «Ahmat Arena» in the match between Moscow club CSKA and Makhachkala club «Anzhi». All experts noted that the Chechen Republic managed very successfully with the arrangement and carrying out of the game.

One of the major sporting discoveries of Chechnya this year has become fighters of mixed style. Four Chechen sportsmen are subscribed to prestigious league of mixed wrestling UFC. These are Adam Haliev, Adlan Amagov, Zubayr Tuhugov and Mayrbek Taymusov, performing for Austria. Our less experienced fighters have also demonstrated good results. At the international tournaments “Cage Warriors” and “Fight Nights” hold in Grozny, Chechen sportsmen along other titled fighters demonstrated that they were ready to perform at the highest level. A sporting event that ended on October 8 was also one of the most pivotal in the current year. National team of the Chechen Republic took first place for the first time at the Caucasian Games, leaving behind very strong competitors from neighboring regions.

In September 2013 Ramzan Kadyrov appointed H.Hizriev as the Minister of Sports, relieving Salambek Ismailov.The Head of the Republic expressed his confidence that the new Minister will cope with his responsibilities. Judging by results, there has been given a fresh start for sporting achievements in the republic.

Hamzat Auybov